Bioremediation: A novel "green" technology for cleaning the environment. Bacteria in nature can degrade contamination such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, through biological processes.
BioSurfer is a biosurfactant product as well as a biosurfactant production scheme for ‘clean’ biosurfactant production, aiming for the growing biosurfactant market.
Due to their diversity, biosurfactants are considered as a potential candidate for the environmental cleanup of pollutants. Therefore, a greater attention was paid on biosurfactants and identifying their potential applications.
Welcome To bioSurfer!

Our vision is to produce eco friendly, economically viable and high purity biological surfactants for use by the Oil Spill Response, Environmental Clean up, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries & Household Cleaners industry.

Services Provided
Biosurfactant production in Large scale. Biosurfactants in solution or in powder form! Bioremediation strategy for specific problems!
Tailored Solutions
Biosurfactant prosucing strains. Biosurfactant products tailored to specific problems...
Elegant Business Model
Our bussiness is a newlly founded SME that targets to produce environmentally friendly solutions for environmental clean up...
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