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Dispersant efficiency was measured using the Baffled Flask Test (EPA standard test) for the product dissolved in just sunflower oil. The results are compared to chemical dispersants from the market anf biological dispersants still in experimental stage. Our results are very good if we think that we need to find the best solvent formula tha will excel our products dipertion efficiency.

BFT-test results



Bioremediation efficiency Test

The objective of the experiment is to determine the effect of BioSurfer on the crude oil biodegradation in the sea.

-Control: only sea water (10ml) and crude oil (0,05g), 0.5%w/v

-NP: sea water (10ml), crude oil (0,05g), N (0,005g) and P (0,0005g), C:N:P = 100:10:1

-BS: sea water (10ml), crude oil (0,05g), N (0,005g), P (0,0005g) and bioSurfer (0,00192g) [crude oil:bioSurfer ~ 100:4]

Sampling days

-Day 0

-Day 7

-Day 28

Bioremediation results



Slot analysis

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